Sofia Kallianteri is a qualified lawyer & legal consultant with firsthand experience in corporate, pharmaceutical, data protection and contract law, as well as international trade and WTO law. Her academic background includes an LL.B. from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) and an LL.M. degree in health, food and environmental law from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Following her studies, she held positions both in the private sector and International Organizations in France and Switzerland, such as the French Medicines Agency and the World Trade Organization.
Sofia has extensive experience, advising on pharmaceutical arrangements, compliance requirements (including contractual requirements and compliance with privacy and content regulations), information management and sponsorship, marketing and promotional arrangements. She has worked closely with multinational healthcare, food and beverage and software companies by drafting legal opinions on various business operations and designing effective corporate governance models to protect critical business interests.

In addition, Sofia has been part of teams that focus on developing corporate compliance programs for the pharmaceutical sector operating in various jurisdictions.

In 2016, she joined PRIVINTELLIGENT Sagl, a GDPR-related compliance and DPO services company based in Lugano, Switzerland, where she participated in GDPR compliance and DPO projects for high profile multinational pharmaceutical companies in Europe. More specifically, she acted as project manager in various GDPR compliance projects in a wide range of sector in Europe.

Currently, she is part of GAGDPR’s core team with main focus on the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors.
Her in depth knowledge of both legal and business spheres represents GAGDPR’s holistic approach during project implementation.